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Marketing Strategy

Methodically determining what you’re offering, when, to whom, and how you’ll reach them can spell all the difference between runaway success and a complete waste of money. Yet an alarming number of companies fly by the seat of their pants, and make vital strategic decisions based on pure guesswork.

If like most of our clients, your time is already consumed with running your business, managing inventory, finding and training staff, handling customer service issues, balancing budgets and juggling shipping logistics. If you’re not a professional marketer, why add that headache to the mix? Leave the strategy and execution to folks like us who do that, and nothing but that.


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A Wealth of Fresh Ideas

“Evergreen Marketing was the answer to my problems when I first undertook the task of marketing our wildflower seed catalog. Besieged by print offers and having no way of discerning one from another, knowing fair pricing, or which publications offered the greatest potential of reaching the right segment of the population, I engaged Val Gosset to map out strategy for me and negotiate. A wealth of fresh ideas and experience, she proved to be just the right solution!”

Kerry Fisher
Wildseed Farms