Our Marketing Services:

Market Research Surveys

The best way to find out what’s working for your customers and prospects and what isn’t is to ask. As long as surveys are brief and clear, people love being asked for their opinion. And online delivery makes such research easier and more affordable than ever.

Surveys can be used to generate feedback on merchandise, customer service, websites, catalogs, or new services. You can glean valuable demographic information for your customers and prospects. And best of all, you can find out what products and topics interest them most and spin off interest-specific lists for future marketing campaigns.

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Patient Guidance and Money Savings

“We are especially pleased with your patient guidance for our first-ever display advertising. We have appreciated your well-researched targets that are appropriate for our products, your ideas on how we can better use the internet, and your communications and gentle reminders to ensure we meet deadlines. Your ability to negotiate fees and placement has saved us money and time”

Linny Stovall
Timber Press