How is Evergreen Marketing different from other agencies?

For one, our personal love of gardening and our professional focus on the garden industry give us an exceptional understanding of the market.

In addition, we believe that the purpose of marketing and advertising is not to attract attention, but to sell. Our proven methods help companies get all the sales they need, consistently and profitably.

What’s more, our business experience means we understand the issues you wrestle with every day. Like you, we’ve juggled inventory management, customer service, fulfillment, product development, personnel issues, finances, and more – and still had to find time for marketing. Our understanding of your issues allows us to act as an insightful partner contributing to your business growth.

Furthermore, you can count on us for straight talk. Since our clients aren’t marketing professionals, we always explain things without using industry jargon. And if we don’t think something is a good idea, we say so flat out.

Finally, we’re as careful with our clients’ money as if it were our own. Initial tests are modest, followed by a gradual expansion of what works best. Whenever possible, we negotiate substantial discounts.

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