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Un-Friggin-Believable Response

“Orders are coming in from dealers, and the response is un-friggin-believable! We’ve already sold out the container that’s on the way, and have ordered more. Since the television advertising hasn’t hit yet, I give your marketing all the credit. I’ve never seen anything like it – thank you!”

Jim McIntyre, Topsy Turvy Garden Products, 865-671-6035

A Message to the Competition

“Most people probably associate hiring a media buyer with spending money, but I think they should associate it with SAVING money. That has been the case with me since I started using Val's services in 2002. Val can consistently negotiate advertising rates that are so much better than I was ever able to do that I have been able to afford MORE advertising with the same amount of money by using Evergreen Marketing.

“Val is also great at helping figure out which publications are worthwhile, and which ones are just a big waste of money, which makes my advertising much more effective than it was before, when I was buying it and designing ads myself. “Evergreen Marketing has paid for itself many times over by helping me only advertise in publications that make sense for our business and in negotiating better advertising rates. Since they work for so many other gardening companies, they are true experts, and I don’t know what we’d do without them.

“I highly recommend Evergreen Marketing and Val to everyone except my direct competitors. To those guys, I say, ‘Please, keep doing it yourself.’”

Lars Hundley, Clean Air Gardening, 214-819-9500

More Sales Than I Ever Imagined

“I have known Val for several years and finally asked her to quote me on some things I just didn’t have time to do. I wanted to provide my customers with a newsletter to further educate them and decrease the amount of phone traffic for customer service.

“Val’s approach is a soft sell; the newsletter generates more sales and confidence in our product than I ever imagined. Now she is working on helping with other online projects. As a small company these requirements generally fall on me and I don’t have time to dedicate to their success. I don’t want to hire someone full time to take care of these issues so Val’s company is a great resource for expanding your business without hurting the bottom line.”

Bruce Frasier, Dixondale Farms, 830-876-2430

Sales Up 300%

“Val is sensational. Sales are up about 300% since we started working with her! ”

Warren McLeod, Mister Boardwalk, 732-905-1061

Regret We Didn’t Start Earlier

“I had been wanting to -- and knew I needed to – communicate with customers electronically, but I never found the time to figure out how to do it. I decided to work with Evergreen Marketing because they offered a turnkey package that took away all of my excuses for putting this project off.

“The e-newsletter and e-marketing services Evergreen provides have been of the highest quality and very professional. These programs have been effectively managed and our mail list continues to grow. We continually get positive feedback from our customers regarding the quality of the information provided in our newsletter. “I had known Val Gosset for a couple of years before I started working with Evergreen and my only regret is that I didn’t start earlier.”

Frank DiPaolo, EarthBox, 800-821-8838

Eliminate the Learning Curve

“We have used Evergreen Marketing’s services to help us implement our email marketing plan. Since implementation, Val and her team have contributed timely, relevant content for our email newsletter and more importantly helped us analyze the results of the program.

“The fact that Evergreen specializes in the lawn and garden industry meant there was little to no learning curve when it came to understanding our business. They were able to jump right in and contribute relevant ideas and content from day one. For these reasons and more I would highly recommend Evergreen to anyone in the green industry wanting to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.”

David George, International Greenhouse Company, 217-443-0600

I Knew I Needed Help!

“Thank you, Val Gosset and Evergreen Marketing, for the excellent marketing service! Like many business owners, I have been too much production oriented and not enough sales and marketing focused. I knew I needed help!

“I went to the Mailorder Gardening Association conference and met Val Gosset. In 30 minutes, my head was swimming with new ideas. Val helped me understand that our most effective advertising dollar would be spent on a region specific pay per click campaign. Evergreen Marketing set up a first-rate campaign, and “held our hand” the whole way through the process. They also provide ongoing advice, respond quickly to questions and are great communicators.

“We have received highly qualified professional service and very good value from Evergreen Marketing, and look forward to our next marketing project with them.”

Sean Currans, Rugged Country Plants, 541-938-3970

A Wealth of Fresh Ideas

“Evergreen Marketing was the answer to my problems when I first undertook the task of marketing our wildflower seed catalog. Besieged by print offers and having no way of discerning one from another, knowing fair pricing, or which publications offered the greatest potential of reaching the right segment of the population,

“I engaged Val Gosset to map out strategy for me and negotiate. A wealth of fresh ideas and experience, she proved to be just the right solution! Her monthly newsletter is a must for marketers; always insightful and thought provoking, it provides inspiration in every single issue!”

Kerry Fisher, Wildseed Farms

Delivery Exceeds Expectations

“Evergreen Marketing was able to deliver more than I expected. They brainstormed the initial ideas with us, made great suggestions and then delivered them in a tight timeline. But it didn’t stop there with their payment…they followed through and offered suggestions throughout the whole project.”

Susan Stone, Rootblast, 330-453-5828

Insightful and Knowledgeable

“Val Gosset is an extremely thoughtful and insightful person, whose knowledge of the lawn and garden industry is a great asset for anyone working with Evergreen Marketing. ”

Harriet Zbikowski, Foxgloves, 845-831-7300

Successful Negotiating

“Val is a professional with a broad background and experience. She’s been successful at negotiating good discounts with advertisers and is always ready and willing to help no matter what the job. ”

Jim Gerritsen, Wood Prairie Farm, 207-425-7741

Successful Launch in Record Time

“If you are looking for professional marketing advice in the gardening world, Evergreen Marketing should be first stop on your list. Their investment in understanding our business, prompt return of deliverables, dedicated service and follow-up helped Colorblends successfully launch a new business service in record time. Val regularly updates us with new ideas, and is our go-to person on marketing initiatives.”

Chris Schipper, Colorblends

“You’re a Gem!”

“We think you’re a gem. You have made part of this difficult transition seamless even when I called you about matters beyond advertising. Of course, I’d be glad to talk you up to anyone who wants to know more!”

Alissa Krieger-DeWitt, Rock Spray Nursery (new owner), 508-349-6769

One of the Best Investments We Made

“Reviewing our smart moves of 2005 finds Evergreen Marketing at the top of our list. Your critique of our hard copy nursery catalog was “right on.” We received unsolicited compliments on the new catalog and sales were up over the previous year. Return per dollar spent was one of the best investments we made. Thank you. ”

Gene E. Bush, Munchkin Nursery & Gardens

Patient Guidance and Money Savings

“We are very pleased with our relationship with Evergreen Marketing, especially your patient guidance for our first-ever display advertising in major garden magazines. We have appreciated your well-researched targets that are appropriate for our products, your ideas on how we can better use the internet, and your communications and gentle reminders to ensure that we meet deadlines. Your ability to negotiate fees and placement has saved us money and time.”

Linny Stovall, Timber Press

Profitable From the Beginning

“Evergreen Marketing did a great job with our PR Campaign for the Tudor Shed. The response from the newspapers was higher than we had expected, due in large part to their knowledge of the industry and steady follow-up. The cost of the campaign was very reasonable, especially considering Val’s experience. Val’s attention in combination with the cost created a campaign that was profitable within the first month, after the first feature. And we still continue to benefit from the campaign. ”

Kate Corwin, Green City Designs

Direct Response Pro

“It was a pleasure to work with Evergreen Marketing on the development and testing of direct response advertising for our niche garden products. The professionalism and engagement in our project were excellent. I’d recommend Val and her team to anyone looking for assistance in direct response”

Erik Djukastein, Contech Electronics

Serious Added Value

“There is no doubt in my mind that you bring serious value to the equation. I knew there were serious discounts to be had…but not that serious! Thank you! ”

Stephen Prins, New England Arbors, 888-282-9346
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