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Learning More About What Works on YouTube

You may already be aware that YouTube has surpassed Yahoo as the #2 search engine. You may also know that most companies that incorporate video product demonstrations on their site report a huge increase in conversions. Any way you look at it, video marketing is here to stay.

If you’d like some feedback on your video marketing efforts, get acquainted with YouTube’s free analytics package called YouTube Insight. It provides valuable reports on any videos you host on YouTube. For instance:


How many visits came from which geographic areas (including specific states), during which time periods.


You can compare the popularity of your videos to others in the selected region during the same time frame.

Traffic Sources

Learn whether people found your video through YouTube, Google Search, or an external link, and what keywords they searched on to find it.


Get basic demographic information, such as age range and gender, for your viewers.


Determine which portions of your video are most engaging, and which viewers zip past or exit on.

Study this data, and you’ll glean clues to making future videos more engaging and search-friendly.


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