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5 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews

Customer review systems don’t do anything for sales unless customers actually review products. Here are a few ways to encourage them to do so.

  1. Home Page Feature

Feature top-rated products and a sampling of reviews prominently on your home page, along with a request for customers to review products they’ve purchased.

  1. Packing Slip Reminder

Use your packing slip to remind customers how valuable their feedback is. Invite them to go online and review the product they purchased.

  1. Enewsletter Reminder

If you send a regular enewsletter, feature customer reviews in every issue, and ask subscribers to submit their own reviews.

  1. Autoresponder Request

Send an event-triggered email to ask customers for a product review a few weeks after they’ve received their shipment.

  1. Top-Rated Product Emails

Periodic emails featuring top-rated products can be extremely successful. Use them as an opportunity to invite additional reviews.

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