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5 Ways to Enhance Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews are likely be more influential than any other factor in converting web site visitors to customers. To make them as useful as possible, consider adding these features:

1. Ratings at a Glance

Whether you use stars, thumbs up, or something else, show a visual that conveys rating information quickly.

2. Reviewer Attributes

Knowing who’s talking is especially helpful when it comes to gardening. Ask for background information such as geographic location and gardening skill level.

3. Rate Specifics

In addition to an overall ranking, ask reviewers to rate specifics like ease of use, instructions and performance.

4. Include Dates

Sometimes the date has a bearing on a reader’s evaluation of a comment. Posting the dates of each review can be a helpful addition.

5. Invite Photos

Reviews are great places to invite customers to share photos of their product in use, or the results of their harvest.


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