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5 Ways to Use Content to Sell

More than ever, information sells. Content is king. What’s changing is how that content is delivered.Which of the following methods might help generate more sales for you?

1) Keep Contact With Newsletters. Newsletters, whether printed or emailed, offer a great way to establish your expertise, stay in touch with customers and increase sales. Boost your search engine rankings by posting the articles on your web site after the newsletter has been published.

2) Blog Your Benefits. Businesses have discovered what a powerful tool blogging can be for reaching prospects, connecting with customers and reaching the press.

3) Add Reviews for Credibility. People are naturally skeptical. Nothing helps persuade them more than comments from other satisfied users.No wonder online user reviews are growing exponentially.

4) Build Community With a Forum. Online forums, in which members discuss topics of common interest, are a terrific way to build an online community. They also help merchants understand what’s on their customers’ minds.

5) Invite Customer Photos. Photos are powerful, especially of people. Beef up your web site with as many photos or videos of customers using your product as you can.

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