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Test Offers To Boost Response

The offer accounts for about 40% of the results in direct marketing, with media another 40%, and copy and design 20%.  To boost your response, make you’re your offer works as hard as it can.

  1. Tout Your Guarantee.  A 30-day money back guarantee is standard.  Can you do better?  Pay the return freight.  Offer double your money back, or a one-year guarantee.  Usually, the longer the guarantee, the lower the returns!
  2. Increase Your Average Order.   Themed plant collections are a terrific way to boost order sizes.  So are discounts or premiums for orders over a certain dollar amount.
  3. One-Step or Two-Step?  If lead generating ads are your norm, try selling an introductory offer directly from an ad.  If you usually sell directly from an ad, consider a smaller lead generating ad with less expensive media costs. 
  4. Innovative Fulfillment Options.  Catalogs, sales brochures and websites can’t always convey a product’s uniqueness.  See if other possibilities -- such as a video or a free sample -- can help your prospects appreciate your product.
  5. Timing Is Everything.  Try a discount for early orders…A buy now, pay later option…Or a coupon good for your customer’s next order.
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