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The Pluses of Postcards

Not long ago, postcard mailings were rare.  If you were spending money on postage and lettershopping, you wanted to get the biggest bang for your buck.  Two things have changed that: the Internet and the anthrax scare. 

Today postcard mailings are an effective part of many marketing strategies, because they offer benefits like these:

Always “Opened.”  Unlike an envelope, which can be tossed out unopened, a postcard is always looked at.  You’re guaranteed to at least get a foot in the door with your sales pitch.

Drive Web Traffic.  Now that people are accustomed to turning to the web for information, direct mail doesn’t always have to close the sale.  It’s now practical to entice people online with an inviting postcard and strong offer, and to leave the heavy-duty selling to the website.

Tangible Reminder.  If you do all your selling on the Internet, you have to rely on your customers and prospects to seek you out.  Once they’ve logged off, you may be out of sight, out of mind. A postcard mailing provides a tangible reminder of your company’s benefits.

Relatively Inexpensive.   Postcards reduce your printing, mailing and postage costs.  A nice compromise between direct mail and a small space ad, oversized postcards can make an impact and provide substantial room for selling your products.  Depending on your printing needs, you may achieve considerable savings in both time and money with online services like

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