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Compelling Web Site Copy

While benefits, proof and clarity are just as important in web site copy as anywhere else, there are some differences to bear in mind.  Here are just a few:

Keep Pages Short.  Studies indicate that 30% of people don’t scroll down.  Use additional web pages rather than one long page.

Label Links Clearly.  With just a few words, make it crystal clear where a page link will lead.  If people have to guess, they probably won’t click.

Use Short Paragraphs. Reading copy on a screen is a more difficult than reading it on the printed page.  Make it easier by dividing copy into short paragraphs.

Tell a Complete Story.  Don’t assume that people read your website start to finish in the order you intend.  Tell a complete story on each page, and always provide links to every other part of your website.

Don’t Overload Readers With Downloads. If the only way people can get the information they’re looking through is by downloading it, you’ll lose a lot of prospects.  The bigger the download, the more you’ll lose.  I’ve seen companies “replace” printed catalogs of 48 pages or more with a online version to be downloaded.   That’s penny wise and pound foolish!

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